Hijama Therapeutics 


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Who is Hijama Therapeutics? 

Hijama Therapeutics is wet cupping service dedicated to women all over the world focusing on alternative remedies for pain relief, using wet cupping/Hijama and other alternative remedies, which will soon be available consisting of physiotherapy, deep tissue massages, sport massage, pregnancy massage, and professional physiotherapy taping. We also be selling alternative remedies products such as Epsom salts and much more.

What is Hijama / Wet cupping ? 

If you are new to the concept of Hijama/wet cupping. Hijama is method of using specialised suction cups to problem areas of the body aiming in pain relief of painful and problematic areas of the body which may be caused due various reasons such as muscle pain. 

Are we certified? - The importance of going to a professional?

Hijama therapeutics is certified in Hijama/wet cupping. 

It is extremely important to visit a certified therapist to avoid infections, as well as before and after care before the treatment it's self. Furthermore before and after care of the patient ensure's a comfortable and successful treatment for the patient. 

How is the procedure done? 

The procedure takes place using suction cups, on desired problem areas of the patient, these are left to sit for 1-2 mins to raise blood to the skin surface. Small incisions are made on the skin to release blood cups are then reapplied until the treatment is complete.

Does it hurt? 

Hijama/wet cupping is not a painful procedure as the incisions which are made upon the skin are not deep, and only reach the top layer of the skin. A slight pressure can be felt of the cups however the sensation dies down after a few seconds. 

How can Hijama benefit me? 

Hijama is beneficial for various problems such as:

irregular periods / menstrual problems
High Cholesterol
Rheumatoid arthritis 
Muscle pain
Blood pressure
Sciatic pain
Nerve pain
General well being

Why choose Hijama? 

Hijama is alternative remedy to medication and pain killers, which can often reach problems internally, without penetrating deep into the body. Historically Hijama - (wet cupping) has been used throughout the world in different variations. 

Hadith & Sunnah -

Abu Hurariah (RA) Reported that the messenger (SAW) said,

"If there is beneficial remedy, then it is (cupping / Hijama)"

(Saheeh Susan Abu Dawud).

Through out everyday life every person builds up a certain amount of toxins within in their own bodies which can be influenced by, perfumes, creams, shampoo's, pollution, food and drink which can impact how our body processes and functions. Hijama can effective in general well being and detoxifying the body. Most people feel refreshed after the treatment, and their are sunnah points in which can be focused on in terms of mental, physical, and spiritual well being.